Upcoming Events At SVBC


February 18: Cream of the Crop Luncheon (Recognition)


March 3: 10 Week of Prayer Annie Armstrong

March 9: Ladies Coffee and Crafts (9:00 am)

March 12: Cream of the Crop (Berry College)

March 17-20: Revival with Joe Veal

March 23: Children's Easter Egg Hunt

March 23: Women's Conference

March 31: Sunrise Service (Breakfast). No evening service. 


April 9: Cream of the Crop Smith House Luncheon

April 20: Men's Event

April 27: Children's Field Trip 


May 12: Mother's Day/ Baby Dedication. No Evening Service. 

May 14: Cream of the Crop Chickamauga Battlefield 10:00 lunch (Farm to Fork)

May 17: Taraleigh Cobble @ Trinity Baptist [3 sessions- Friday 7pm, Saturday 9am & 1pm]‚Äč

May 26: Memorial Day cookout/ Splash Bash 


June 1: Ladies Coffee and Crafts

June 3-7: Builders for Christ

June 10-14: CentriKid

June 16: Father's Day, No evening service. 

June 17-21: VBS 

June 24-28: Youth Fuge 

June 29: Youth Fuge Light up the Valley


July 9: Cream of the Crop Stone Mountain 

July 28: Back to School Bash 


August 17: Coffee and Crafts 9:00 am


September 1: Promotion Day in SS 

September 8: Homecoming, Grandparents day. No evening service. 


October 31: Trunk and Treat 6:00-7:30